Carlos G.

[December 2019] When buying equipment internationally you have to have confidence in the seller you choose to work with. The nice thing about BAJA Bid is they care more about building a sustainable working relationship than making the immediate sale. Like anyone, I had concerns about purchasing solely based on photos alone. Arlin was able…

Online SMT Auction (Featuring Griffin Limited)

Auction Dates, September 23 – 26 2019 Preview, September 18 2019 Auction Opening, September 23 [8:00 am EST] Auction Closes, September 26 [1:00 pm EST] Checkout, September 27 – October 11 2019 (excluding National Holidays) Note, All equipment must be removed before the deadline. *No Exceptions* Location, Orlando, Florida USA   Items Including – 2012 MY100 SMT Pick…

Eric N

[August 2019] Arlin Horsley with BajaBid was great to work with.  He was able to help me sell some equipment quickly and eaisly.  Just a little information and a few pictures and that was it.  I would highly recommend Arlin and BajaBid to anyone looking for top notch service.  Thank you Arlin and BajaBid!

Pete K.

[July 2019] Baja Bid has great customer service! I was looking for a specific pick & place machine and a coworker recommended I give them a call.  I explained to the owner what I was looking for and he reassured me he would do his best to find it. Within ten days my machine was…

Baja Bid Online Auction (Featuring Petra Electronic Manufacturing)

Auction Dates, July 25 – 31 2019Preview, July 18 2019Auction Opening, July 25 [8:00 am EST]Auction Closes, July 31 [1:00 pm EST]Checkout, August 1 – August 16 2019 (excluding National Holidays) Note, All equipment must be removed before the deadline. *No Exceptions*Location, Orlando, Florida USA   Items Including – 2013 Mydata MY100LXe-10 SMT Pick & Place, Mydata MY9 SMT Pick & Place, Mydata SMT…

Pat H.

[May 2019] I would like to thank Arlin Horsley from for helping me to find a reflow oven that I needed.  From the time I wrote him asking for help, until the time the machine was on it’s way to us, was one week.  Eight (8) days after my inquiry, Arlin had not only…

Online SMT Auction (Featuring Sypris Electronics)

Auction Dates, April 24 – 30 2019 Preview, April 23 2019 Auction Opening, April 24 [8:00 am EST] Auction Closes, April 30 [1:00 pm EST] Checkout, May 1 – May 17 2019 (excluding National Holidays) Note, All equipment must be removed before the May 17, 2019 deadline. *No Exceptions* Location, Tampa, FL USA Items Including – Dek Horizon 01 Screen Printer, Speedline Technologies AP…

Sam G

[March 2019] I purchased a few items from an auction featuring FryMaster. I was able to secure several quality machines for a great price. All questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. I will be using Baja Bid again.

Christopher H

[March 2019] Arlin, thanks for going above and beyond and helping us with our recent Baja Bid Online Auction purchase. It is great to see someone who provides top-quality service during a period where this attribute is becoming more and more rare.

Mike P

[March 2019] Once again, we had an awesome online experience purchasing items from one of your online auctions. The items we purchased were in great shape and we look forward to your future events.