Baja Bid Online Auction (Featuring Petra Electronic Manufacturing)

Auction Dates, July 25 – 31 2019Preview, July 18 2019Auction Opening, July 25 [8:00 am EST]Auction Closes, July 31 [1:00 pm EST]Checkout, August 1 – August 16 2019 (excluding National Holidays) Note, All equipment must be removed before the deadline. *No Exceptions*Location, Orlando, Florida USA   Items Including – 2013 Mydata MY100LXe-10 SMT Pick & Place, Mydata MY9 SMT Pick & Place, Mydata SMT…

Online SMT Auction (Featuring Sypris Electronics)

Auction Dates, April 24 – 30 2019 Preview, April 23 2019 Auction Opening, April 24 [8:00 am EST] Auction Closes, April 30 [1:00 pm EST] Checkout, May 1 – May 17 2019 (excluding National Holidays) Note, All equipment must be removed before the May 17, 2019 deadline. *No Exceptions* Location, Tampa, FL USA Items Including – Dek Horizon 01 Screen Printer, Speedline Technologies AP…

Online Auction Semiconductor Test Supply

  Auction Dates, February 25 – 28 2019 Preview, February 19 – 20 2019 Auction Opening, February 25 [8:00 am EST] Auction Closes, February 28 [1:00 pm EST] Checkout, March 1 – March 15 2019 (excluding National Holidays) Note, All equipment must be removed before the March 15, 2019 deadline. *No Exceptions* Location, Indianapolis, IN USA   Items Including – Mydata MY19 SMT Pick…

Online SMT Auction (Featuring Items From Nypro)

2014 Samsung SM451 SMT Pick & Place; 2014 Samsung SM481 SMT Pick & Place; Samsung SMT Feeders and Carts; Sanyo TCM-3500Z SMT Pick & Place; Universal SMT Feeders and Carts; 2014 Speedline Vectra Elite Wave Soldering Machine; Trek Triton IV SMT In-Line Cleaners; 2013 Koh Young KY8030-2 Solder Paste Inspection Machines; 2013 Heller 1809 MKIII Reflow Oven; 2013 Ekra XACT4 Screen Printer; 2007 Ekra X5 Screen Printer; 2007 Yestech YTV-F1 AOI Machines; GE PCBA ! Analyser 160 X-Ray; Hewlett Packard 3070 In-Circuit Testers; Vision Engineering Microscopes; V-Tek International PC-250+ SMD Parts Counter; Rework and Soldering Stations; Workbenches; Metro Carts and More!!!

Online SMT Auction November 1 – 7, 2018

2013 Mydata MY100DXe-14, 2005 Mydata MY12, 2004 Dek Horizon 02, 2005 Mydata MY12e, Mydata Agilis Magazines & Feeders, 2005 Assembleon Emerald Xii, 2003 Assembleon Topaz Xii, Large Assortment of Assembleon SMT Feeders, 2007 Flexlink F1300S Magazine Unloader, 2007 Flexlink F1400S Magazine Loader, 2001 Electrovert Aquastorm 200 Cleaner, 2011 Viscom S3088 III AOI System, 2012 Cyberoptics QX500-L AOI System, South Tek Systems N2-6T Nitrogen Generator And More!!!

Online SMT Auction September 10 – September 13, 2018 (Featuring FryMaster)

Items Including – 2013 MVP AutoInspector AOI; 2015 Samsung SLM120S SMT Pick & Place; 2015 Milltap 700 Machining Center; 2017 Creative Electron TruView Parts Counter; 2011 Technical Devices Nu/Era Wave; 2016 JKD JKD-6015A Dispenser; 2008 Yestech YTV-F1 AOI; 2005 Yestech YTV-2050 AOI; 2005 Assembleon SMT Pick Machines; Assembleon SMT Feeders; Dage XD660 X-Ray; 2007 Koh Young 3020T Solder Paste Inspection; Universal SMT Feeders; Universal Conveyors; Universal Board Loader/Unloaders; Asymtek C-740 Dispensing Machine; Asymtek TCM-4600 Cure Oven And Much More!!!

Online SMT Auction July 5 – July 10, 2018 (Featuring Toggled)

2011 Universal Genesis 4990F SMT Pick & Place Machine; Universal SMT Feeders; Universal Conveyors; Universal Polaris 7516A Multi-Process Assembly Machines; FKN Systek K3000L Depanelizer; Flexlink F1900 Destacker; Hepco Component Lead Forming Equipment; Nutek NTM310XL Board Flipper; Simplimatic 3050 Board Flipper; Toyota Fork Lift; Video Jet 1520 Barcode Spray System; Nordson Rhino XD2 Dispensing Pumps; Atlas Copco GA37FF Compressed Air System; ESD Carts; ESD Workbenches And More!!!