Online SMT Auction June 7 – 9, 2016 (Featuring We Imagine Inc.)

2013 ESE US-7000X Screen Printer, Ekra Screen Printer, 2010 Focal Spot Insight 130 X-Ray, Technical Devices Nu Era “Lead-free” Wave Solder, Vitronics 6622CC Wave Solder, Fuji CP643 & CP65 SMT Pick & Place, Fuji QP351E SMT Pick & Place, Fuji SMT Feeders, Air Vac DRS25 “Lead-Free” Rework Station, Air Vac DRS24 Rework Station, Air Vac PCBRM12 & PCBRM15 Rework Stations, Vitronics XPM 1030A Reflow Ovens, Vitronics XPM820 Reflow Oven, BTU Paragon 150 Reflow Oven, Mirae MX-110 SMT Pick & Place, Mirae SMT Feeders, Quad SMT Pick & Place, Quad SMT Feeders, Aqueous AQ-201SC Stencil Cleaner, CR Tech CRX-2000 X-Ray, CR Tech RTI 6520 PCB Inspection System, Board Loaders & Unloaders, Conveyors, Workstations, Microscopes, Material Handling Equipment, Environmental Ovens, Component Counters, Test & Measurement Equipment, Fork Lifts

OSI Electronics Relocation

EMS provider OSI Electronics will be closing their facility in Camarillo, California and relocating their electronic manufacturing operations to their site in Hawthorne, California. As part of this process; they will be liquidating some of their excess and unused assets utilizing the online auction services of Baja Bid. The bidding for this online auction will…